We did the magazine. And now, we’re doing the blog.

My name is Luisa Cameron, I am fourteen years old, and this is SiS. 

SiS was a quarterly online magazine that my younger sister, Fernanda, and I created in the summer of 2010; we interviewed interesting people, wrote about things we loved, took hundreds of photographs, and compiled it all into a series of online magazines (www.sis-mag.com). 10% of the advertising profits we made went to foundations such as Direct Relief International. My sister and I loved working on SiS Magazine and it was a great two-year experience.

But now, after an extremely busy school year, SiS has returned. We took a little break and now we are back in town with a 2012/2013 blog.

This blog will be FULL of things that inspire Fernanda and I – people, places, food, music, art, film, and fashion. SiS/blog will be a visual archive of our lives. Follow us for posts every weekend, and if you have any questions or comments, email us at jumpertail1@gmail.com. Or, you can comment on this blog.

If you have questions about advertising on SiS, contact our Advertising Department at jumpertail1@gmail.com.

To read more about SiS, click on THIS LINK

To contact us about press, email the SiS Team at jumpertail1@gmail.com.

Enjoy! (don’t forget to follow us or subscribe!)

-Luisa Cameron

Editor in Chief, SiS

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