Moonrise Kingdom

Seeing Moonrise Kingdom was a breath of fresh, pure, beautiful air.

We went to the movie theatre and we were surrounded by posters of sexy superheroes and talking teddy bears and male strippers and drug addicts; the atmosphere was just so . . . . unwelcoming. But when our eyes caught the poster for Moonrise Kingdom, something about it was different. It was so innocent and colorful and  sweet — we couldn’t wait to watch it.

But let us tell you, the poster dulled in comparison to the actual film. Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson (a visual GENIUS,) is a story taking place on the East Coast in the 1960s about two twelve year-olds who run away together and and fall in love.

The music is beautiful, the locations are beautiful, the actors are beautiful, the cinematography is beautiful, the costumes are beautiful, EVERYTHING is so pure and simple and the details are perfect. It’s not twisted, it’s not violent, it’s not vulgar; it’s story about the honest, un-soiled love that two children have for each other.

Moonrise Kingdom was such a breath of fresh air. Go see it!


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