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This is our FAVORITE ice cream in the whole world!

Rori Travato, (the talent behind the taste and founder of Rori’s Ice Cream,) makes ice cream to die for. With flavors like Salted Caramel, Stumptown Espresso, Lemon Curd, and Rootbeer Float, we are screaming for ice cream and so excited for her new store opening this fall.

Fernanda and I have been taking French lessons with French teacher Bénédicte Wolfe for over seven years. Bénédicte has been teaching French for 18 years, and all of her students agree that she is the best.

We don’t just memorize flashcards, complete workbooks, practice vocabulary. Bénédicte teaches us outside of the normal classroom techniques. We watch French films every once and a while — we go to restaurants (especially sushi,) and speak only in French — we go to the beach — we even went on a hike to see the massive migration of Monarch butterflies. This is why we love Bénédicte so much; she isn’t the typical teacher. She’s one of a kind.

Advertisement artwork by Luisa Cameron, 2011


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