About SiS

Fernanda Cameron                                                              Luisa Cameron

Sisters Luisa Cameron (age 14,) and Fernanda Cameron (age 12,) are the co-founders of SiSMagazine and SiS/blog.

Started two years ago, SiS was a charitable online magazine. With four issues total, SiS was Luisa and Fernanda’s way of expressing themselves creatively: interviews, art, photography, music, fashion, food, and anything that inspired them. With a large readership, SiS was a great experience for the two sisters.

However, SiS wasn’t just about exploring creativity. Luisa and Fernanda also explored entrepreneurship and advertising, and reached out to local and non-local businesses interested in placing ads in SiS. With an average of thirty advertisements per issue, a large number of advertisers contacted the two sisters including Autism Speaks, The Mark Morris Dance Group, Jouer Cosmetics,  Kendall Conrad, and Chance. The two were also featured in The Montecito Journal and Santa Barbara News Press.

But in 2011, the two girls changed how their advertising profits were organized. After learning about the devastation caused by the tsunami and earthquakes that hit Japan and the famines occurring in the Horn of Africa, Luisa and Fernanda decided to help. From the third issue onward, 10% of the advertising profits went to Direct Relief International to provide support to post-tsunami Japan and to sending medical supplies to people suffering from malnourishment in Kenya and Somalia.

During the busy school year of 2011 and 2012, the sisters took a break from SiS Magazine and focused on their studies. Yet now, in 2012, SiS is back. Still focusing on inspiration drawn from everyday, SiS is a fun and relaxed blog. From fashion to film, sketches to snapshots, Luisa and Fernanda will post something made by them every day. “SiS is casual and spontaneous–the blog is like a visual archive,” says Luisa. “It’s clean, simple, and the images illustrate our lives.”

Feel free to contact us at jumpertail1@gmail.com and please follow or subscribe to this blog! We would love to get as many followers as possible!



  1. Brian Kelly

    Hi SIS, congrats on the new blog. LMK if you have some AD space for Liquiteria and some of our cool Funk Zone venues that will be opening the first of the year! Kelly Family loves our SIS girls. Have a great summer. Miss you. Kelly Family

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